1. How do I register at XRummy?

The process of registering at XRummy is very simple.You need to enter the fields as per the sign-up form present on the home page ( Email , Phone, User name - Please ensure that it is 6-16 characters long, try combination of letters &numbers ex: Climber 89 , Password) and agree to the terms of use. Still having any issue call to our support team: 8581095460.

2. I forgot my password?

You can recover the password by clicking on the"Forgot Password"link and providing your Username or Email ID. The instructions for changing your password will be mailed to you. Request you to check your spam folder and will find the mail. However, we suggest you to mark the mail as “Not spam” once you receive mail in your spam folder.

3. Where can I check withdrawal status?

You can check the status by clicking on Reports -> Withdrawal History

4. I am unable to get reset password link to my email id.

Request you to check your spam folder and will find the mail. However, we suggest you to mark the mail as “Not spam” once you receive mail in your spam folder.

Note: While setting a password or when you change your password, the new password must comply with our password complexity policy:

  1. The password must be minimum of 6 characters length.
  2. The password should not be identical with the username.
  3. It is good to use at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character in your password.
  4. It is advised not to use any of the recent 3 passwords to reset your password.

5. What is the withdrawal processing time in XRummy?

To get same day payout, place your request before 12:00 pm. Withdrawals get processed on all days, even on Sundays & Bank Holidays. However, there could be a delay in few cases like suspicious games, multiple accounts, account monitoring.

Note: You can send an email to bz@assorted.link or call 8581095460, our 24X7 customer helpline for any doubts/queries you may have regarding withdrawals.

6. Money got deducted from bank account but not added to the XRummy.

There are rare circumstances beyond our control where transactions don’t go through successfully, but funds get deducted from your bank account. This usually happens when post deduction of money, your banks do not give us a success or a failure transaction status within the stipulated time or we are not able to get the correct status from the bank due to network issues at bank’s end. Hence, resulting in such transactions taking a little bit longer to process and refelect in your XRummy account. In these scenarios request you to wait for 1hr and if the status of the amount is still not reflecting please contact our support team 8581095460.

Kindly note that your money is safe under all circumstances and your amount will be refunded back to you if in case your transaction fails.

7. I am unable to raise withdrawal request.

To raise a withdrawal request you should have minimum 200/- withdrawable amount in your XRummy account ,mobile should be verified. Your KYC documents should be successfully verified from our end.